AHS Advisory has associated itself with selected international associations that represent the quality, standards and service that we pride ourselves on.

The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC)

ISHCThe International Society of Hospitality Consultants was founded in recognition of the public need for competent, unbiased advise, professional guidance and sound judgement on the many diversified problems encountered in the hospitality industry.

The Society is composed of individuals, not organisations, corporations, or groups.  Membership in ISHC is by invitation only.  To be eligible for membership, an individual must meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Be a practicing hospitality consultant with five consecutive years of consulting experience immediately preceding invitation or have three consecutive years of consulting experience immediately preceding invitation if the candidate has a total of ten years hospitality industry experience.
  2. One’s primary professional activity is as a practicing hospitality industry consultant selling a service or intellectual property, as opposed to a physical or tangible product.
  3. Be an owner, officer, partner or principal of his or her own company (management companies excluded), or the equivalent thereof.
  4. Be sponsored by existing members as determined by the Board of Directors. Currently, U.S. candidates are required to have three existing members as sponsors. Non-U.S. candidates require two existing members as sponsors.

The Society believes that by clearly recognising the consulting function as a profession, and by organising the collective knowledge and experience of those engaged in hospitality consulting, the quality of consulting services to the industry will be greatly enhanced.

Members of the Society have demonstrated their integrity and are qualified by their experience, training, and knowledge, to develop and express sound judgement on issues in the hospitality industry.

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